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An Artifact Of Drinking Tea In The Office

This is a ceramic cup for office and home use. Through this ceramic cup, it reveals blessed wishes for a lifetime and a good yearning for life.

The charm of this cup is that it will change color when hot drinks are added, and it can also be printed with individual patterns and logos.

It can withstand temperature changes without deformation or bursting.

The cup capacity is not very large, but it is enough for use in the office. The appearance of this ceramic cup is very design style, which is suitable for people to hold by hand. It is very convenient whether it is held by hand or held by hand.

You can use this cup to hold coffee drinks, drinking water and tea. It can be said to be a multi-functional cup. And the appearance of the cup is better, colleagues will say: this cup is really good-looking, coupled with the overall design style, it is in line with the public‘s aesthetics.The slight bump test is still sturdy. Warm reminder: Don‘t bump into gravity because it is a ceramic product.

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