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The classic cola shape.The cola can glass,the art of taking picture in the tea industry.

This new product is the classic can shape of [Coke Can Glass], which is full of creativity. In addition to blank plain cups, we also launched cute and sweet "color heart-shaped" and "Christmas theme" cups.
The hot-rolled wide cup mouth brings a better taste experience; the cup body is round and thin, and the curvature fits the palm of the hand for a comfortable grip; the non-slip bottom of the cup is stable and does not slip; the cup body is smooth and clean, and it will be clean after flushing and washing. The gospel of lazy people. Cold and heat resistant, explosion-proof, can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference between -20℃~150℃, and will not crack when the temperature changes suddenly. Use lead-free glass material, healthy and environmentally friendly, highly thick and transparent.
The design is simple and exquisite, and the appearance and vitality are the same. Under the refraction of light, the neat straight shape is set off, and it is more Nordic. The unique and cute shape of the cup matches drinks and food, and the texture and experience are instantly full!
The magical moment of adding heat and cold will happen, the color of the cup pattern will change, and the value of the appearance will be improved again.
With a capacity of 470ml, coffee, juice, mousse, desserts, ice cream, milk, milk tea, cocktails, beer, etc. can all be satisfactorily served. It is suitable for bars, restaurants, hotels, beverage shops and homes, and has a variety of uses to meet the needs and preferences of different groups of people.
Filling cola glass jars with coffee and beverages is a favorite leisure drink for people who love life; a glass of iced cola or cold beer will soothe the body and mind, and give yourself a sense of ritual after a hard day of work.
In addition, we will also provide customized services for cup body patterns. Customers are welcome to come to consult and order.
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