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The Advantage Of Making Cups Out Of Ceramic?

 Do you know his merits?In fact, we have said this many times, but yesterday a friend of mine said to me personally want to know about it, so the small make up for today to let you popular science!Hope is helpful to everybody!Now many friends often talk about a topic that is health maintenance, but it is not a very simple little thing, but how do we treat it correctly?
To this point I have a lot of friends to send me a lot of valuable advice, the same I also accepted a bit now to share with you!For health maintenance, we start with the simple tea drinking, which is a waste of time for many young people. However, many old people advocate that we should pay attention to choosing the right glass material for drinking water from now on, which is a good choice.
How to choose the right material for the ceramic cup?

1. Compared with plastic cups, ceramic cups contain less harmful gases and substances. According to experts, long-term use of plastic cups is likely to cause cancer.
2. Ceramic cups are completely harmless. Unlike metal cups, long-term use may lead to ingestion of harmful metals.

3. As a result of the existence of ceramic cups, iron water does not directly contact with carbon bricks, which mitigates the infiltration, erosion and scouring of carbon bricks by iron water and alkaline materials from the structural design. Moreover, mullite, brown corundum and other advanced ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity are adopted, which have high anti-erosion and anti-scour properties.Remove the embrittlement layer of the large charcoal brick.

4. Improve the temperature of molten iron and reduce the heat loss: ceramic cups are made of materials with lower thermal conductivity than carbon bricks and play the function of insulation, thus reducing the heat loss through the bottom and hearth.Correspondingly, the molten iron can maintain a high temperature, creating good energy saving conditions for converter production in the next step.

5. Easy rewind operation: due to the insulating effect of ceramic cups, the heat loss is reduced during the blast furnace wind break, which is conducive to the return of normal operation during rewind.

6, to prevent leakage of molten iron: because ℃ isotherm is the inner surface of the molten iron solidification line against lining, moved close to protect the slightly is also due to the expansion of the refractory residual expansion makes the brick joints was reduced, thus the penetration of molten iron is limited so the hearth burning through risk to a minimum.

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