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Points To Note When Using Glass

What should be paid attention to when using glass, glass use reminder:

1. Before using the glass, please wash it with a soft cloth and warm water;

2. In order to avoid the scratches on the cup body from affecting the appearance, please do not wipe the cup body with rough metal balls, etc.;

3. When the glass is filled with boiling water, the water level should not be too full to avoid overflowing when making tea;

4. Do not put the glass in a microwave oven, sterilization cabinet and other high-temperature appliances to directly heat it, so as not to cause the deformation of the cup body and affect the use effect;

5. Unscrew the cup clockwise (the right hand twists toward you from left to right), otherwise it may cause burns;

6. Use with caution to prevent children from breaking or burning yourself.

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