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How is the beautiful pattern on the water glass printed?

The commonly used pattern crafts in cups used in daily use include screen printing and baking. The two processes are significantly different.

Screen printing is based on the screen as the plate base, and the pattern is made by the photosensitive plate. The printing method of this pattern is composed of five elements: screen printing plate, squeegee, ink, printing table and substrate. You can refer to the ink printing method. The whole printing process can be operated at low temperature. Under normal circumstances, the abrasion resistance will be slightly worse, and there is a certain risk of falling off when used for a long time. It is mainly used on products that are not resistant to high temperatures, such as plastic cups and color changing mug,double wall plastic coffee tumbler,plastic watter bottle and plastic accessories.

The baking process is to form a pattern through the process of applique + high-temperature baking. Generally, decals must be manually applied, and they must be flat during the process, and they must be completely attached to the cup. There should be no bubbles in the middle. The requirements are strict, otherwise the pattern will have bursts. The next step is to enter the high-temperature furnace to bake the flowers. As the temperature rises, the pattern melts on the surface of the cup to form a beautiful pattern. This kind of roasted flower is basically roasted on a high-temperature resistant glass,such as ceramic mug,shot glass,wine glass,V shape glass mug,glass mug and beer glass with handle.

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