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Is It Poisoned To Drink Water With A Personalized Ceramic Discoloration Cup?

With the rapid development of science and technology, color changing mugs like spring up on the market, and also a lot of the masses of the favour of people, but also there are a lot of people worried about its security hidden danger, will use color changing cup to drink water poisoning issues such as, now, let me introduce this kind of color changing mugs for you whether toxic and color change principle.
The color change of the cup can‘t change without its unique framework. First, we come to know about the principle of color changing mugs, color changing mugs set by coaxial cup inside and outside of the cup of two parts, in between two cups of the bottom of the monarch is equipped with an inner cavity filled with polychromatic volatile liquid interlining, cup, the lateral walls of carve with the lumen flux layer of artistic graphics channel. After the drinking cup is poured into the hot water, the heat sensitive liquid in the sandwich cavity will produce the color change and rise to the inner cup graphics channel, so that the glass wall will show the artistic design, so that the person can obtain the aesthetic feeling and artistic enjoyment. Because the heat sensitive liquid is in the cup inner layer to finish the color change, does not contact with the cup beverage, is belongs to the pure natural physical reaction, itself is the non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free fun plaything.
At present, the color change cup on the market is mainly heat discoloration and cold discoloration. In fact, whether it is hot or cold, the principle of discoloration is the same, only the temperature material is different! Due to the thermal material used in the printing on cup body, the materials are subject to import high quality heat sensitive material, can achieve high temperature of 320 degrees Celsius, non-toxic, lead-free, chromium-free, FDA use all can reach the European food standards. Therefore, as long as the regular shops in the market are purchased, it is completely safe to use.
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