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Tips For Cleaning The Cup

If the cup is stored for a long time after cleaning, if the peculiar smell is generated, we can put the ceramic mug in the boiling water and soak it for about ten minutes. After washing it, the peculiar smell will disappear. 1. The peculiar smell in the ceramic cup can also be removed with orange peel or apple peel. This is very simple. Put the orange peel or apple peel from the fruit in the plastic coffee cup, then pour some water and wipe the cup with the fruit peel and rinse Just clean. 2. Soda noodles and soda powder in plastic cups can also remove odors. We can put some soda or soda noodles in the double wall stainless steel cup and pour clean water into the water cup. 3. If there is milk in the house, you don‘t need to buy it specially, just drink the rest. Pour the milk into the color changing cup and wash it, and then rinse it off. 4. We all know that toothpaste can clean the odor in the mouth. In fact, toothpaste can also remove the odor in the cup. For this, we can squeeze the toothpaste on the toothbrush and clean the plastic cup, so that the odor of the water cup will be removed. 5. We all know that table salt is used for cooking. It is also very effective to remove odors. We can put salt in an aluminum cup and pour water into the cup to clean the cup. The odor will be quickly removed. 6. To remove the peculiar smell of the ceramic cup, you can also boil it in water. Boil the hot water and put the peculiar water cup into the boiling hot water and add a few tea leaves, so that after the peculiar smell is removed, there will be a light tea fragrance.
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