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What are the main styles of the chameleon cup?

What are the main styles of the chameleon cup?
The color cup, as the name suggests, is the cup that changes color. There is a special layer of material on the surface of the cup, and the color changes as the temperature changes or the light changes. When poured into hot or cold drinks, the outside surface of the cup changes with the temperature, showing another pattern or color, which makes people feel amazing. The color cup design mainly includes:
1. The chameleon cup is divided into the cold color cup and the thermochromic cup according to the changing temperature. General cold cup (cold drink cup) choose 7-17 degrees to make the cold color cup, below this temperature change color; The thermochromic cup (hot drink, hot coffee, hot water) is usually used to change the color of 43 degrees, which is higher than the temperature.
2. The changing cup is divided into ceramic chameleon cup, glass chameleon cup, stainless steel change cup and plastic color cup. Of course, there are many kinds of materials for each cup, such as: new jade porcelain, high temperature and white porcelain, magnesia porcelain, ordinary white porcelain, color glaze and so on, texture and price are different.
3, color changing mugs, according to the function different, divided into color music cup and discoloration mystery mugs, color changing coating cup (used for thermal transfer photos), color recording cup, color changing color painting write cup, color changing candles cup, etc.
4. The color change cup is divided into half color cup, full color change cup and whole color. Discoloration cup refers to the discoloration (including the handle) on the outside of the cup.
There are a lot of varieties that are derived from the chameleon cup. At present, the technology is relatively strong, and the variety is more. The process is comprehensive, and it is shenzhen biansebao discoloration technology co., LTD.
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