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What Is The AD Color Cup?

Advertised color changing mugs mean do you need advertising LOGO or writing on the cup, send to your clients, members, friends, and to spread, promotion, advertising color changing mugs is also an effective way for the product promotion. This discoloration cup is the first choice for customers, and it will enhance the company‘s popularity. At the same time, the publicity effect of the advertising color cup is not allowed.
Why the advertisement cup can improve the advertisement effect, please look down: we usually see the advertisement life is very short, only exists in the transmission. And the AD color cup, is an exception, once got the hand, often can last several years. An advertisement is accepted, and it is remembered that it is a great success for this advertisement. For the products advertised, it is an effective tool to break the market and realize the profit. The question is: how to improve the effectiveness of advertising and the sustainability of advertising? In order to achieve the effective dissemination of advertising, the advertisement must be different, unexpected, even attractive, practical, and need to continue to influence. Who can do that, the advertisement color change cup can.
The main features of the color changing cup are:
1. Practicability: the glass is a drinking water utensil that people drink regularly.
2. Advertisement: the cup has close contact with people, so that every word and figure on the cup, even if it is small, can always be a visual focus.
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