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What is the color changing cup?

Color changing cup, also known as magic cup. That is, when hot/cold water is poured into the cup, the color of the cup body will change.
Of course, in addition to these definitional encyclopedias, combining Baidu Know and Baidu‘s experience, you will also easily understand the color-changing principle, production method, and toxicity of the color-changing cup. However, whenever an item has too many "legends" on the Internet, it will soon drop in price. No, the color-changing cup will quickly turn from a legendary pick-up artifact into a "no product" gift. But with it, drinking plain water will not be as tedious as before.
But as a material person, how can we stop at these superficial problems, then let‘s talk about a more in-depth problem: the temperature-sensitive color-changing materials in the color-changing cup.
Thermochromic material for color changing cup
The large family of thermochromic materials mainly includes inorganic reversible thermochromic materials represented by metal oxides, organic thermochromic materials represented by triarylmethane phthalides, and liquid crystal thermochromic materials represented by cholesteric liquid crystals. . The thermochromic material can change in color with the change of temperature within a certain temperature range. Taking into account the low accuracy of discoloration of inorganic materials, and the existence of certain toxicity and corrosiveness, and the advantages of low cost, simple synthesis, and controllable discoloration wavelength of organic thermochromic materials, reversible organic thermochromic cups are often used in the production of color-changing cups. The color-changing material is used as its color-changing paint. The basic temperature of the reversible organic thermochromic material is -5℃, 0℃, 5℃, 10℃, 16℃, 21℃, 31℃, 33℃, 38℃, 43℃, 45℃, 50℃, 65℃ , 70℃, 78℃, the discoloration interval can be changed from colored to colorless state. This can also explain why the color changing cup tends to have a darker color under normal conditions, and the color of the pattern that appears after the color change is relatively light.
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