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What Is The Difference Between A Heat Transfer Cup And A Water Transfer Cup?

Color changing mugs is not only a daily necessities, is also one of the most commonly used in advertising gifts, collection of propaganda and appreciation, art and personality into an organic whole, can be as a gift, also can be used as personalized products. As people‘s demand for products has been improved, the printing process technology of color changing cup has also been improved. At present, there are mainly heat transfer printing and water transfer process.
Heat transfer printing is a new printing process that has been imported from abroad for more than 10 years. The process of printing way printing and transfer printing film processing divides into two parts, printing using network printing, printing film pattern will be printed on thin film surface in advance, printing the design level of rich, colourful, go, small chromatism, good reproducibility, can meet the requirements of design patterns is effect, and is suitable for mass production; Stamping processing through the thermal transfer machine (pressurized heating) in one time will be fine pattern on the printing film transfer printing on the product surface, the surface layer and the printing ink after molding product dissolve into an organic whole, lifelike beautiful, greatly enhance the grade of the product. However, due to the high technology content, many materials need to be imported.
Water transfer printing technology is a kind of printing of polymer hydrolysis using transfer paper/plastic film with color pattern. With the improvement of people‘s requirements for product packaging and decoration, water transfer is more and more widely used. Its indirect printing principle and perfect printing effect have solved many problems of surface decoration, mainly used in various kinds of ceramics, glass paper and other transfer printing.
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