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What is thermal discoloration?

  The color residue phenomenon of the heat-changing cup, the color-changing coating has a certain thickness, theoretically, the dark color becomes transparent after heating, and the bottom image appears 100%. However, in practical applications, the color-changing material is not perfect, and we will not drink with boiling water all the time. After the color is completely changed, it will appear milky white, and the color of the base map will still be affected. Color residue is something that customers must accept. For customers who are particularly concerned about this problem, we can charge some additional fees to reduce the color residue by changing the printing order. But the color residue is inevitable. Contrary to the thermal change, the color remnants of the cold change often appear before the color change, and we can properly see some of the colors after the color change. This is the color remnants of the cold change.
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