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Why Use A Ceramic Cup To Drink Water, And What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water From A Ceramic Cup?

  The "simple" ceramic cup is safer. Because of the high content of heavy metals such as lead and chromium in the pigment, these harmful substances are easily dissolved when boiled in water or beverages with high acidity and alkalinity. You can touch the surface of the pattern when you buy it. If it is smooth, it is safer; if it is uneven, it will fall off when you pick it with your nails. It is best not to buy it. In addition, the cup is affected by static electricity such as computers and cabinets, which will attract more dust, bacteria, and germs, which will affect your health over time. For this reason, experts suggest that it is best to equip the cup with a lid, and not close to the computer and other electrical appliances, usually keep indoor air circulation, open windows for ventilation, and let the dust go with the wind.
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